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Sherwood Heights: August 2018 Update

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Welcome to the August update of progress of the development at Sherwood Heights in Nottingham.

The development continues to progress well, as you will see on the attached photos.

The plastering and all first fix electrics are completed on the first and second floors, with skirting boards on, and this week painting due to start.

By the end of the month kitchens will be in.

The ground floor is on schedule, around 4 weeks behind the higher floors, as extra insulation has been added in the floor and walls.  This month all internal walls will be put in on this floor.

Next month we would recommend you start looking at mortgage options, so surveys can be booked in late October/November.

We are on track for completion in December, and based on current local rental demand, we expect there to be huge demand from tenants even pre completion.

Any questions, as always please let us know, and we shall update you further in 4-6 weeks time.

For more information email or contact our team on 0800 6348390 today.

Ongoing works at Sherwood Heights

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