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Did you know that it is estimated that a new Victorian home owner will have to spend £45,000* to upgrade their home to new build specifications?


One of the big attractions with buying a new home is that no one has lived in it before, but also it is incredibly efficient!


10 Year Warranty


Our homes all come with a new 10 year warranty – this means we have compiled with the Standards which set out the technical requirements for design, materials and workmanship in new home construction.  This is just one of the added benefits of buying a new home.

With strict Building Regulation standards, there is no need to worry about your new home requiring urgent attention. New properties are built to exceptionally high specifications so you can rest easy. This means you can enjoy settling in rather than worrying about repair and ongoing maintenance work that is sometimes needed with a second-hand home.

We work closely with local planners and the Environment Agency to ensure the development is not affected by flooding and any appropriate drainage is in place. We use the latest building materials to prevent issues such as damp, while double glazed windows and doors are incorporated into the build to provide improved insulation.

Cheaper Bills

There are also huge environmental benefits and long term energy cost savings when buying a new build.

Installing the latest boiler ensures you only get hot water when you need it while central heating, double glazing and insulation in the walls and roofs are all installed as standard with a Hockley Developments home, to offer greater energy efficiency and temperature control, making an enormous difference to your monthly outgoings. In fact, new build homes are about 50% cheaper to run per year than their Victorian counterparts.


So, come and book in a visit to one of our show rooms today – your new home could be closer than you think!   


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