Supported Living in Nottingham


At Hockley Developments, we believe that every adult has the right to good quality housing and a place to call home.


We develop bespoke housing schemes working closely with local councils, and Registered Providers, and Care Providers in the Midlands.

We understand the shortages of suitable property there is in many main cities and towns in the UK, and have the experience and team to provide these properties.

We have in house Construction Management, and Architects, and can acquire the sites, get planning permissions, and develop the sites to tight programmes and at the right specification and budget.



Our Process


Initial Consultation


Essentially we can work with Councils to suit, but we would normally start with a Consultation to understand local demand in the Local Authority.


We then present suitable sites or properties to the Commissioner and other Stakeholders for approval that we believe offer the opportunity to be developed to give the right home for our end users.




Once a suitable site has been identified, our in house design team start designing to the specification laid out by the key stakeholders, working closely with Registered and Care Providers, Building Control, Fire Officers, and Planners to ensure the project is designed specifically for the end user.     




Our experienced Construction team then manage the Planning and Construction phases to an agreed Programme, and Specification, giving regular updates throughout to our stakeholders, and delivering a tailored development at the end.



If you are a care provider or local authority looking to work with an experienced development company in the Midlands, in order to meet the demand for Supported Living accommodation in your area, then get in touch, by emailing us at or calling us on 0115 855 6558 for an initial discussion.


At Hockley Developments we take great pride in building housing with a difference, creating space that is specifically designed to give individuals life choices, and the freedom to enjoy life in a modern, independent home, tailored to their needs, and offering them security and well being.  

Typical Level of finish below (Palm Street Development HERE)