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Plans Approved For Westbridge House

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Nottingham City Council have approved plans for our latest new development a former Victorian factory on Holland Street in the Hyson Green area of the city.

Hockley Developments will strip out the building formerly used as office space and convert it into 22 apartments attracting first time buyers through the help to buy scheme and young couples to the location.

The proposed works to be carried out on the property will have a positive effect on the local economy by providing accommodation for young professionals trying to work in or around Nottingham city centre, given the short commute from Hyson Green. The size of the scheme will also provide a need for a significant local contracting workforce.

Residents of the apartments are likely to shop locally and use the other facilities and amenities in the locality benefitting the vitality and viability of the District Centre and local businesses.

Furthermore, the offices at Westbridge House has over 50% vacant office space and the warehouse storage spaces are not being fully utilised. This is due to the buildings’ current configuration, amenities and level of finish not complying with modern regulations for use as office space. We believe that the residential conversion would maximise the usage of these vacant spaces to its full potential as new, attractive dwellings.

Further press can be read on the Business Link website here and the Business Desk website here also.

If you are interested in knowing more about this development and the units in question you can contact our sales team on 01158 556 558 or email

Redevelopment of a Victorian Factory in Holland Street

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